Vikings And Their Influence In Ireland

What do you know about the Vikings? The Vikings conjures fearsome invaders who once controlled some parts of the world like Ireland. There are myths and legends that bring fear and sometimes reverence when the stories of these men are told.

Today, we watch the make-believe stories and battles of the Vikings on the big screen movies. We are intrigued when we witness how they lived and their love lives. The chests and buried treasures are not what we are talking about in this article. However, we have information that will educate you about these men. Here are some of the things you should know about these adventurers.

The Hermits Baptized Vikings

There was a time Vikings intimidated the Christian communities in Ireland on their quest for gold. The Norsemen battered and burned countless homes, monastic spots and churches around the country. The Viking marauders developed a relationship with the Irish monks. Olaf Tryggvason, who later became the King of Norway was baptized by a resident hermit on the island of Skellig Michael in County Kerry.

The Vikings Gave Ireland Names

We should be grateful to the Vikings for giving places in Ireland different names like Waterford, Smerwick Harbour, Strangfyorthe” and Butter Harbour”.

They Scare Away Monks

Vikings founded Waterford and Dublin, and their stay was peaceful in Ireland. Monks were scared away and they were forced to hide their crosses, valuable chalices and gold in a round tower. Though, these monks were smoked out when the tower was burnt.

Vikings Were Lovers of Art

Countless and priceless relics that have become historical were influenced by Vikings. The stylish Urnes stave church was one of the creativity of Vikings. The stone sarcophagus that is found in the Cormac’s Chapel at the Rock of Cashel and The Cross of Cong are some of the works of these ruthless men.

Brian Boru Intimidated the Vikings

In the early 11th century, Brian Boru, who later became the High King of Ireland witnessed the death of his mother and his tribe by Vikings, became the enemy of the Norsemen and ended up as the savior of Ireland. Unfortunately, he was murdered and buried in the North Wall found in St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral in Armagh.

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