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14 Secret Societies From History That You Would Want To Join

The Illuminati, The Knights Templar, And The Freemason, historical secret societies have long been the stuff of mystery and world domination rumors.
But what would be the best secret societies to join? That really depends on what you’re looking for. But we think these 14 would be fun and/or profitable to join:

1 . Knights Of Malta

What Is It:
Dating back to 1085, the Knights of Malta started as a group of monks who cared for patients at a Jerusalem hospital. The organization transitioned into a military order to defend crusaders. Unlike other secret societies, the Knights of Malta had their own island – Malta. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V gifted them the island of Malta in 1530, and Napoleon took it away in 1798.

Famous Members:

Alexander III of Russia
Charles I of Austria
Konrad Adenauer

Why You Should Join:
So they’re actually more a humanitarian religious order than a secret society, but the Knights of Malta battled the Barbary pirates, fought off Suleiman the Magnificent, and tried to kill Hitler, which is pretty cool.