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14 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Cleopatra

3. Legend Says She Smuggled Herself Into Caesar’s Bedroom Wrapped Up in a Rug

Legend has it that Cleopatra had herself wrapped in a rug and smuggled into Caesar’s room, but that was probably false. Plutarch states she was tucked into a “bed sack” (probably a bag for royal linens) and plopped into his chambers. Other sources claim she was rolled into a carpet to evade her brother’s forces. Regardless of how she really arrived at Caesar’s side, it is no wonder he was enraptured with her: she was brilliant, charming, sexy, and less than half his age.

They went on Nile cruises together, probably made love until dawn, and exchanged political ideas. Who knows exactly what they discussed? But he did leave her with a present – a bun in the oven.